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V okviru Evropske solidarnostne enote gostimo v EPI-ju prostovoljce iz različnih držav. Del prostovoljskih aktivnosti so tudi različne ustvarjalne aktivnosti. V oktobru so naši trije prostovoljci, Charlotte iz Nemčije, Ilse iz Nizozemske in Matjaž iz Kopra, preizkušali kako lahko s kartami Dixit ustvarijo svojo zgodbo. Njihovo “literarno mojstrovino” si lahko preberete spodaj.

Vampire cookoff with a spin

On an island far, far away, there lived a vampire chef who thought of himself as the best chef in the world.

Ilse, Matjaž and Charlotte, three friends, were stranded on vampire island because Charlotte had no sense of direction and they took the wrong turn.

When exploring the island, they met the vampire chef. They were really frightend but at first, the vampire chef was really friendly and gave them some food to taste. However, Matjaž wasn’t the best guest because he got cocky and told their host that the food sucks. Matjaž himself was a big fan of McDonald’s food, especially the McChicken Burger. Luckily, they had bought a big menu before they got lost and ended up on the island, so he had some McDonald’s left which he offered to the vampire so he could try “some real food”.

This is were the problems started because it turned out that the vampire was a vegetarian and drinks tomato juice instead of blood.

The vampire got really angry because he felt that they were insulting his cooking abilities. Matjaž was still being cocky and told him: “Bro, I can do way better.”

The vegetarian vampire was furious and with his vampire telekenesis power he moved the ground up so there were little islands floating in the air. He wanted to restore his dignity as a vegetarian vampire cook and therefore announced: “Here you have a flying boat so we can meet at my place and you can challenge me in a cook-off. If you lose, you die.”

Ilse, Matjaž and Charlotte went to the flying ship to discus their options. It turned out that Matjaž can’t cook. He just goes to McDonald’s three times a day. Luckily, Charlotte brought a recipe book and Ilse owns a book that teaches you how to steal called “The book of Thieves”. What a lucky coincidence!

They started reading Ilse’s book, practiced stealing and got better over time.

So they started their journey to steal ingredients and spices for the meal they would cook at the cook-off.

First, they went to the floading volcanoe island where they stole some magic spice that can spice up even the most disgusting meal.

Next on their to do list was to go to the cheese pyramid to steal some cheese. Then they realized that they didn’t have a grader for the cheese and therefore couldn’t cook the meal. They were devastated. Then suddenly, Ilse shouted: “I can see a grader island to our right”. Lucky coincidence! So they went to grader island to steal a cheese grader. Right next to grader island, there was kale island where they harvested some kale because the vampire was really healthy and needed his veggies.

Matjaž was disgusted by all the vegetables, especially the kale, so he snacked on some pork.

Finally, they went to Mercator to get some Macaroni.

They now had all the ingrediens for making Mac’n Cheese with Kale and magic spice. On their way to vampire island they practiced cooking it.

When they arrived, Matjaž shouted: “Hey, we’re here for the cook-off!”


The vampire appeared and and said: “Oh hell noooo” to which the Matjaž’s team replied: “Are you ready to get roasted, you punk?”

The vegetarian vampire says: “No, I’m gonna boil you like a fat patato!”


The vampire was cooking way more quickly because of his telekenesis power. He was almost finished when the other team had just started to boil the pasta water. But they had the magic spice and made their food with love which is the most powerful ingredient…

Meanwhile, they were having a Corona beer to calm their nerves.

Matjaž got so good at stealing and, powered by the pork snack, stole the vampire’s magic plant. They are gonna win!

They added the magic plant to their Mac and Cheese and it was finished.

The tasting started.

The veggie vampire chef tried their meal and was blown away.


Matjaž, Ilse and Charlotte celebrate with another bottle of Corona.