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Call for volunteers / Cercasi volontari

European Solidarity Corps in Mladinski EPI center Pirandescription of volunteering project

We are looking for motivated young people that would like to work with youth and children, and would like to help in creating the daily programme of our youth centre (leading a language club, socialising with youth, playing sports and board games, helping kids with their homework, planning smaller events, promoting Erasmus + & ESC projects, taking photos, publishing updates on Facebook and Instagram …).

Where? Piran & Lucija, Slovenia
When? 1st of September – 24th of June (10 months)
Who? 2 volunteers (18-30 years old, from any EU country)

What are the activities and tasks of the volunteers?

1.                    LANGUAGE CLUB

Preparing a language club for young people in your own language or other language (non-formal learning of foreign language).

We are looking for volunteers that will teach their own language to kids or youth in our language clubs (German, Italian and English – or others). Language club is a place where participants learn the basics of the language (vocabulary, useful phrases) in a relaxed and informal way and, above all, they get to know the culture of a certain country. 

Youth workers will provide volunteers with assistance and support in the preparation and implementation of the language club to the extent necessary. We will provide the necessary material and help with everything else that the volunteer would need.


  • Taking part in short training about teaching.
  • Making a plan for topics you want to teach (with your mentor).
  • Preparing topics and materials for each session.
  • Finding and creating games and other activities.
  • Carrying out the language club (implementing the lessons, games and activities).
  • Help kids with school homework.
  • Help kids to study for school exams.

Playing with and talking to the kids / youth that visit the youth centre on a daily basis. Even if you are not used to taking initiative, you will learn it here. The mentors will support you at the beginning to develop connections with youth.


  • Take initiative to talk with the kids/youth.
  • Listen to their stories, troubles …
  • Talk to them about volunteering (ESC).
  • Invite them to play board games, cards (that you can find in our youth centre) or teach them typical games you play in your country (you can bring some with you).
3.                    SOCIAL MEDIA

Writing & taking photos for our website, Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites.


  • Manage our Instagram profile (make posts, stories…).
  • Create graphics to post them.
  • Write a blog about your experience here (or share it in another way e.g. podcast, video, article for local journal…).
  • Take photos and videos to post.
4.                    WORKSHOPS & EVENTS FOR YOUTH

Running different free time, creative, educational workshops.

Raising awareness among young people about the possibilities of the Erasmus / ESC program.


  • Planning, organizing and carrying out workshops/events.
  • Help with preparing promotional materials.
  • Help with preparing the event place.
  • Taking photos for our website, Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites.
  • Making posts for Instagram and Facebook.
5.                    VACATION PROGRAM FOR KIDS

For the short holidays during the school year and during the summer holidays, we organize a vacation program for younger children of primary schools in the Municipality of Piran.

The program is organized from 7.30 am to 4 pm. We provided the children with three meals (breakfast, lunch and a snack). In the mornings we do sports at a nearby stadium, walk around the surrounding city etc. After lunch, children enjoy creative workshops, social and other games. Sometimes we go on a day trip to a different city. 


  • Animating the kids (play games, prepare some workshops etc.)
  • Create a secure environment (e.g., when going for a walk with whole group, take care of the safety)
  • Prevent or resolve conflict between kids
6.                    PERSONAL PROJECT

Developing a personal project based on your own interests and ideas. It can be a workshop, a podcast, an event … it can be basically anything you want (within the timeframe and budget of course). Mentors will provide you with support if necessary.

7.                    SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE COURSE

You will have the opportunity to follow a Slovenian language course and learn the basics of our language. The lessons will be adapted to your work schedule and are free.

8.                   OTHER ACTIVITIES

In addition to helping with the everyday activities of the youth centre, the volunteer will be able to participate in all the activities held at the youth centre that will suit his or her wishes and needs (e.g., theatre/music/art workshops). For the implementation of individual activities, the volunteer will be provided with training and help from the staff and local volunteers. 

Working hours and free time

Working days will be from Monday to Friday, for around 6 hours per day. Normally, in Lucija from 10 am to 4 pm and in Piran from 1 pm to 7 pm. In the summer and other holidays usually between 9am and 3pm. Evenings and weekends will mostly be free with some exceptions.

You will be volunteering in our youth centre for 30 hours per week (6 hours a day). We have two locations, at the beginning you will work in both, later on you can choose one or the other (or continue working in both).

You get 2 days off every month, meaning you have 20 days off for the whole project (10 months) and 24 (if you decide to prolong your stay).

Accomodation, food and other expenses

You will be living in a volunteer house close to work (5 min walk to our centre in Lucija), that you will share with other volunteers like yourself. There are two rooms, one bathroom, one toilet, one kitchen, balcony and living room (that can be turned into another room). The cost of the accommodation is covered by the project.

You will receive a monthly bus transport card and 6€/day for food and 4€/day of pocket money. The money will be transferred to your bank account at the beginning of each month. Based on the experience of the previous volunteers the money is enough to cover your basic living expenses and some free time activities. If needed, the mentors will help make a plan on how to efficiently manage your personal budget.

The project also covers your travel to Slovenia from your home country and back and a health insurance policy (CIGNA).

Project duration

The project will start on the 1st of September 2021 and will last for 10 months (until 24. of June 2022). During your stay here, you might have the possibility to prolong the project for 2 months (until 31st of August). 

The volunteer or the host organisation can finish the project early if it doesn’t work out or if the volunteer wishes to end the project because of personal reasons.

About the organization

Mladinski EPI center Piran (part of Športni in mladinski center Piran) is a youth centre, established by the municipality of Piran. The centre operates in two locations in the Slovenian coast – in Piran and in Lucija.

The youth centre aims to provide young people living or going to school in the Municipality of Piran with the following: 

  • a safe place where they can spend their free time 
  • organized extracurricular activities (theatre, language clubs, arts etc.) 
  • support and guidance 
  • help with homework and studying 
  • international youth exchanges 
  • volunteering opportunities 
  • career orientation activities and more.

Both youth centres are open from Monday to Friday in the afternoon (except on public holidays). During the summer (and other school holidays), we organize activities for children aged 6 to 10 years old in the form of a «day camp».

The youth that we usually work with are between 9 and 19 years old, but with different activities and projects we try to involve all young people up to the age of 29. The staff consists of 5 youth workers and some volunteers.

To learn more about our organisation check out our Instagram (@mladinskiepicenterpiran) and Facebook site (, browse our website ( and check out our YouTube channel ( 


Apply here:

Corpo europeo di solidarietà nel EPI centro giovanile di PiranoDescrizione del progetto di volontariato

EPI centro giovanile di Pirano (parte di Centro sportivo e giovanile di Pirano) è un centro giovanile, istituito dal comune di Pirano. Il centro opera in due località sulla costa slovena: a Pirano e a Lucija.

Il centro giovanile fornisce ai giovani che vivono o vanno a scuola nel Comune di

Pirano le seguenti attività:

  • un luogo sicuro dove trascorrere il tempo libero
  • attività extrascolastiche organizzate (teatro, club linguistici, arti ecc.)
  • supporto e guida
  • aiuto con i compiti e lo studio
  • scambi internazionali giovanili
  • opportunità di volontariato
  • attività di orientamento professionale e altro

Entrambi i centri giovanili sono aperti dal lunedì al venerdì nel pomeriggio (esclusi i giorni festivi).

Durante l’estate (e altre vacanze scolastiche), organizziamo attività per bambini dai 6 ai 10 anni sotto forma di «programma di centro estivo – vacanze per bambini».

I giovani con cui lavoriamo hanno tra i 9 e i 19 anni, ma con attività e progetti differenti cerchiamo di coinvolgere tutti i giovani fino ai 29 anni. Lo staff è composto da 5 operatori giovanili e alcuni volontari.

Profilo del volontario

Cerchiamo giovani motivati ​​che vorrebbero lavorare con giovani e bambini (dai 7 ai 29 anni), e aiuteranno nella creazione del programma quotidiano del nostro centro giovanile (socializzare con gli utenti, giocare a sport e giochi da tavolo, aiutare i bambini con i compiti, dirigere un club linguistico, pianificare eventi più piccoli, promuovere progetti Erasmus + e CES, scattare foto, pubblicare aggiornamenti su Facebook e Instagram …).

I fan di Magic the gathering o dei giochi da tavolo in generale e tutti gli sport che possono essere praticati nel nostro giardino sono particolarmente invitati a candidarsi (stiamo cercando di allontanare i bambini dai giochi per computer e dai loro smartphone e incoraggiarli a trascorrere il loro tempo libero in un modo più sano) 😉

Descrizione delle attività e dei compiti dei volontari

I giorni lavorativi saranno dal lunedì al venerdì, per circa 6 ore al giorno. Normalmente a Lucia dalle 10.00 alle 16.00 e a Pirano dalle 13.00 alle 19.00. In estate e negli altri giorni festivi di solito tra le 9:00 e le 15:00. I fine settimana saranno liberi.

Alcuni compiti e attività:

  • Assistenza nelle attività quotidiane del centro giovanile.
  • Preparare un club linguistico per giovani nella propria lingua o in un’altra lingua (apprendimento non formale della lingua straniera).
  • Scrivere e scattare foto per il sito Web, Instagram, Facebook e altri siti di social networking.
  • Esecuzione di laboratori di tempo libero, creativi e educativi.
  • Giocare e parlare con i bambini.
  • Crescere consapevolezza sulle possibilità del programma Erasmus / CES ai giovani.
  • Sviluppare un progetto personale.
  • Avrai l’opportunità di seguire un corso di lingua sloveno online

Oltre ad aiutare con le attività quotidiane del centro giovanile, il volontario potrà partecipare a tutte le attività svolte presso il centro giovanile che si adattano ai suoi desideri e bisogni (ad es. Laboratori di teatro / musica / arte). Per l’implementazione delle attività individuali, il volontario riceverà formazione e aiuto da parte del personale e dei volontari locali.

Formazione e tutoraggio

I volontari del Corpo europeo di solidarietà avranno il supporto di un coordinatore (qualcuno nell’organizzazione ospitante) e un mentore (un amico con cui parlare al di fuori dell’organizzazione ospitante) e prenderanno parte a un corso di formazione all’arrivo e di medio termine organizzato dall’Agenzia nazionale (MOVIT).

Alloggio, trasporto, cibo ecc.

Ai volontari verrà fornito un alloggio in un appartamento condiviso a Lucija, un abbonamento mensile per l’autobus, soldi per il cibo e paghetta. Tutti i volontari sono inoltre iscritti all’assicurazione sanitaria CIGNA e ottengono il rimborso delle spese di viaggio.

Per saperne di più sulla nostra organizzazione, controlla il nostro sito Instagram (@mladinskiepicenterpiran) e Facebook o naviga nel nostro sito web (

Maggiori informazioni sul programma: