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V EPI-ju radi igramo različne družabne igre. V zadnjem letu je najbolj priljubljena igra s kartami Magic: The Gathering. Igramo jo vsak dan, enkrat mesečno pa organiziramo tudi turnir za otroke in mladostnike. Svojo izkušnjo z igro v nadaljevanju opisuje naš prostovoljec Jakob Jung.

What is MTG and how I learned to play it …

When I started my voluntary year in Mladinski EPI center (a youth centre), I had no idea what exactly Magic the Gathering was supposed to be. I just knew that it was some sort of “fantasy card game”. It didn’t take long until I knew a lot more about it.

Already in my first week at EPI centre, the kids were happy to show me the game. Although I lost my first matches I started to understand the basics of the game.
There are five different colours for the cards you can use to build a deck. Each colour has some specific abilities to make use of to defeat your opponent. You have to pay a certain amount of “mana” to play a card and this “mana” is generated through land cards. Normally the “mana” has to match the colour of the card played. Therefore, it is wise not to choose too many colours for your deck. Because there are diverse card types with many different abilities, a player has a lot of possibilities to design his deck in the way of his character and style of play.

Through collecting more cards and playing different versions of Magic for example at EPI’s monthly tournaments, you can truly strengthen your deck, gain experiences and vary your play. Even though you are playing with the same rules all the time, you never play the same game. Like in football, your line-up (of cards) varies from match to match, but besides all these strategic planning you of course also need a good amount of luck. After winning some games (and losing even more), I truly share the fascination.

Now even after 6 months of my voluntary service Magic is still very popular throughout all age groups in EPI centre. No more comment needed.