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Helloo my dearest readers!

It’s the first time I start writing my post that early. The responsibles of this are Barbara and Anka. Barbara because she is an artist and she has made beautiful pillowcases to put the pillows on the wooden pallets in EPI. Anka, because she lent me a book which is catching my attention, like those ones with short chapters and an interesting story in a real context that I used to read for hours when I was younger.

The truth is that I can’t wait to chill on those pillows, in the wooden pallets under the trees -and thus in the shadow-, with this warm weather that is not still killing me and reading “All the Broken Places” while I wait for the kids to come. So yes, I want my dream to become true.

I will start first with my life in EPI besides the usual routine. This month I planted the tomatoes and paprika in the garden and I’ve been taking care of them mostly every day. I also had three days of cooking “tortillas de patatas” in the center. The first two were part of a workshop with the students of Gimnazija Piran. It was successful because I planned the activity in advance to be able to foresee anything that could happen. Also, because I had a talk with a wise and expert person and what she says goes (or, in Spanish because she will understand: “lo que ella diga va a misa”). Besides, I’m a person who likes to improvise and I wasn’t thinking about planning that workshop with that seriousness, but this wise woman -or Yoda Martina- told me “If the things in advance you plan, easier to improvise in a successful way it is”. I would tattoo that phrase, but it’s too long. And krompir… Impossible to find something better.

Talking about tortillas, the third day I cooked them was actually something that Clara and I did alone (without kids) and for the mayor of Piran. I don’t know if he liked it, but I was happy to hear Tristan saying wonders about it while eating the pieces. This day was the previous one to Dan Mladosti, a one-day event celebrated in our center. It was Saturday, and I’m grateful that it was more chill than expected.

The day was actually good since the moment in which I started playing the calcetto tournament. There were some memorable moments like when Varja and I played Briscola with secret signals, or when I watched the last race of Giro d’Italia with Slovenians who were supporting Roglic -who won the Giro-, or when Keni and I exchanged our t-shirts like football players do. The icing of the cake was to enjoy the two concerts with some friends and go to a party afterwards.

Regarding my free time, this month I spent time chilling in nature and on the beach. I went first with Ualid and Jan to a beach in Croatia and we chill and lie down on sun beds (there is a funny story about that I won’t write, but if you are curious you can ask me/Jan/Ualid in person). Then, I went to Strunjan to meet some people from the Mid-Term and we played a lot of board games. Besides, during the celebration of Clara and Štěpán’s birthday, we went to the beach in Seča. That weekend was like the one I spent in Idrija, having a nice time with almost all our friends. To end up, the day after Mladosti Dan I was at the beach from 13h to 22h, talking and watching the sunset with a friend. By the way, of course I swam in the sea this month 😉

On the other hand, there’s been a while since I don’t talk about Ljubljana because I didn’t go that much as in the past, but this month I went once to buy Clara’s present and to “watch” Eurovision in Celica (Sorry Zala for disappointing you, but the hostel was very crowded and I spend the whole night outside talking with people). During those two days in Ljubljana, I also walked a lot, went to the castle, visited the Botanic Garden, went to a party in Metelkova and made bracelets.

But not everything is good news… My knee still has some problems and I’m waking up every day (Saturdays too!) to do rehabilitation in Portoroz before work. Today I’ve been told that I can start swimming, so guess who contacted the swimming club in Piran? Yes, me. And also bad news… My physio told me that I shouldn’t hike to Triglav or any other hikes until I recover, which will take a few months. So bye bye plan of Triglav and bye bye 6 days plan in Kamniško Savinjske Alpe in June. To be honest, I knew that something was going to happen from the moment I registered (and paid) as a member of the Slovenian Alpine Association to have some discounts on cottages in the mountains. Maybe the world is telling me to stay in Slovenia for longer, after ESC, and do those hikes when my knee will be fixed.

All in all, thanks to the mental stability that I have right now, I’m not panicking and not being pessimistic about it. At least I can walk without pain 🙂

I will finish this post saying that I don’t want to forget how proud of myself I am at this moment. Not only, but especially this month, I worked a lot on my communication skills with some people regarding my thoughts, feelings, emotions, worries, etc. I feel that I have worked a lot on myself during this experience and I like the person that I am becoming: independent, courageous, assertive, communicative, funny… I think this is also one of the reasons why my friends are counting on me as a support, even though I know that sometimes I can’t do anything but be there. Anyways, I wrote this because it might happen that in the future I will need to remember this to myself.

See you next month!