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Hello, welcome back! My plans this weekend take me across the Slovenian border to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. My first trip alone. Well, at least the journey I have to survive  alone, because as soon as I arrive, I meet 2 locals around my age, who are supposed to show me around during the weekend. What can I say, it stayed with the “supposed”. Shortly after I arrived, I got the news that the two of them got into a car accident. I was really shocked and immediately wanted to go to the hospital. But they were too far and after they told me there was nothing I could do now, they sent me a good hostel in the city center so that I would still have the opportunity to see everything. So it ended up being a me-trip after all. Zagreb is actually very beautiful in it’s city center and it gave me a cozy feeling.

When I was able to check in, I first took a power nap, as I had either to get up at 4am or went to bed at 4am in the last few days. There is still room for improvement in my sleep rhythm, that’s for sure. I also spent almost the whole day walking around – being alone was a bit unusual and strange to do something else. But lo and behold, you start meeting people again. Having just photographed a group of people in the city, we met up again in the same hostel. So we decided to have something to eat together. Even though I met some strange and very crazy people, there were also some really funny ones. In the evening we went to someone’s house party where I’ve been thought some new games as well and went around some nice bars of Zagreb. All good, but when I was woken up the next morning by an alarm clock with my name spoken on it, I literally ran out of my room. At that moment I was happy to be alone for the first time. On the second day of my trip, I went to the places I hadn’t managed to see the day before and then came back by bus. Even if I enjoyed parts of the trip, everything was very chaotic and so were my feelings.

At work on Monday, we made good progress on our seemingly never-ending puzzle in Piran. One piece is greener than the next and all our different puzzle methods have become a real philosophy. And soon, carnival is coming up, so we made some decorations in Epi.

On the weekend we also went to Venice to experience the carnival there as we were just so close to it. It was definitely a special and unique experience. Venice is very beautiful.

Carnival there and also in Slovenia is something completely different from what we know in Belgium; for example the many historical traditions that can’t be seen anywhere else. Here is my short evaluation and review for the Carnival and Venice itself.

+ Costumes!! There was always something to see. The variety and creativity is impressive
+ Traditions like the “festa delle marie”, the crowning of the best costume and the angel flight (which we unfortunately didn’t see) made the carnival special
+ I loved all the alley- and waterways and especially the “Basilica di San Marco”
+ We were lucky with the weather 🙂
+++ Even got my own mask
+ – There was music, mainly on the main stage and mostly accompanied by drums, but I would have loved, if there had been also typical music in other places in Venice to create an even stronger atmosphere
–  You have to know that it is (of course) crowded in the center, so it takes three times as long as the directions say to get anywhere, and that the paparazzi often forms impenetrable walls around all the enchanting costumes. Nevertheless, I’m proud that I managed to get a few good photos. I should become a press photographer
–  It takes a little bit of time to figure out how it works with the boats and you’re less free to go where you want, because you have to take the boat to reach the different islands. But it really has its charm. Apart from that, it’s also expensive in some places. Following picture shows what I mean:

However, I highly recommend experiencing it, it’s unique. Here are some of the costumes I liked the most, a really hard decision to make… You can choose your favorite.

Well, in this Blog actually my stories brought you for once mainly out of Slovenia, as I was visiting neighboring countries. Next one we will see each other full back in Slovenia. Se vidimo!