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I don’t know if I told you, but I have in mind to write one post per month in the blog. December was my third month in Slovenia, but I was enjoying my holidays at the beginning of January with my family and I couldn’t write until now.

So, the last month of 2022 started with a trip with EPI to Ljubljana. To be honest, I was without desires to go for two main reasons: first, the cold was expected and we didn’t have any place where to eat, which means that we would be around 50 people walking in the rainy capital for eight hours and freezing. The second, that I had to be in charge of the smallest -and crazy- group of kids and they could get lost or make the day impossible.

At the end, the trip was quite good and I was happy to have low expectations because the reality was that I didn’t freeze or get sick and the kids had a really good behaviour (I even started having affection for them!).

Besides, I got much closer to my co-workers and now I feel like I’m surrounded by a good environment. I had good talks with them, we had the Christmas dinner together, I could finally manage to work once a week with Varja and Anka and Martina met my family.

On Christmas it is supposed that people who live abroad come back to their countries to visit their family, but this time I had in my mind to stay in Slovenia. I feel very lucky that my parents and my sister could manage to come to visit me -and the surroundings of Piran- for two weeks. Thus, we had the chance to visit Venice, Škofja Loka, Bled, Ljubljana, Bohinj and Trieste. They weren’t lucky with the weather as they couldn’t see the Alps and Italy from Piran (one of the things I like most of living in the coast), but they saw the sun in both lakes of Slovenia.

There were enjoyable moments during that time with my family, like the fact that they got obsessed with the game Wizards and looking for geocaches. I’m glad that they came although, at the end, I was missing so much either my mum’s food, either mine. Travelling is exhausting, but it is worth it.

In December there were more cool things, like the X-Factor on Alberto’s birthday, the birth of Paolo (can’t forget it)  or the visit of one of my Spanish friends who is also doing an ESC but in Germany.

Lastly, I want to finish saying that in December I also took a bath on the sea. I suffered a bit, but I managed to enter to the water for a few minutes. On the other side, I dropped out handball… But now I have started playing badminton with a nice group of people and I’m enjoying it more 😊

By the way… In one of my walks around Piran, I found this sculpture and I would like to let you think if you can find any similarity to someone/something. I will tell you in the next blog to who does this face remember me!