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Before starting to write this post, I realised that I have failed in some goals that I made. It’s not a question of life and death, and I don’t really care that much, but what is a story if it doesn’t have troubles?

So, once I started typing my first lines, I decided to read what I wrote in the last post, and in the first line of it I said I will write once a month. Well… January was slow, but February was like the roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner and I didn’t have time to write some lines (to be honest, I was also lazy). This is my first failure, of course not the first in my life and not the last one.

However, I have some good news about the last two months. The most important ones are the fact that I beat Alberto in table tennis (on 13th of January, I will never forget it) and in 21. For those who don’t know, 21 is a basketball game and it’s also Alberto’s favourite sport as he’s the MVP and number one in Tortona.

Speaking about sports, in April there will be the Istrski Marathon. Some of my friends will run 42km or the half marathon. For me, I have never liked running, but this time I have decided to give it another opportunity and try to complete the 10km race. For the moment, training is going great: I’m going to a friend’s centre and he’s giving me tips and exercises that I can do to gain strength on my legs, as my body is (was) a spaghetti.

Apart from these things, during January and February I went hiking. Actually, on the 1st of January I went to Lubnik, in Loka, with my mum (my sister and my dad gave up hehe). Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my Slovenian passport with me and I couldn’t register my visit. That’s why I will have to repeat it again. Anyway, I put the first stamp in the passport on a snowy day in Idrija with my little sister from Slovenia and two other friends. I also went to two waterfalls, one in Croatia (Zingarella) and the other in Trieste (Rosandra). In both of them, I was with my friend Jan, who has crazy and bit dangerous ideas that I try to not follow… But yes, it was funny to jump from rock to rock or climb to not get wet, as well as going up a very steep and muddy slope in which our only help was a rope (thank God it was there).

These two months were the ones in which I could enjoy the snow, even if on the coast I didn’t see any flakes. I went to Velika Planina, Kranjska Gora, Bohinj, Bled and Idrija to hike -a few times with more than 30cm of snow-, sleigh and “assking” (a new sport that I invented for those people like me who don’t like slippery floors).

I also had time to spend with the other ESC volunteers. In January, we celebrated the Secret Santa, and in February we went to Kurentovanje in Ptuj. The weather was sunny and I still can’t understand how the kurenti managed to move with those costumes made out of sheep wool. We also got dressed, and the funniest part was when Clara and I sneaked in a forbidden place pretending we were real news reporters from Lucija News. In Ptuj I hitchhiked for the first time in my life. I was feeling embarrassed only thinking about two reporters and one unicorn raising their thumbs, but once we stopped in the road waiting for a person to drive us, I started to enjoy the situation and in 10 minutes we got a ride to the town.

I think you can make an idea about how busy I was during these two months. To sum up, there were a lot of new places that I discovered and, honestly, I don’t even feel that Slovenia is a small country because there are too many things to do, especially in nature. Although, due to the fact of having Croatia 30mins far by bike from home, one day I took Parenzana on a warm and sunny day and cycled to a beautiful lighthouse. That was the first time ever I went to Croatia and I have the feeling that it deserves a longer visit…

On the other hand, life in Piran and in EPI is going well, despite the fact that we had to say goodbye to Martina. It is weird to come to EPI Lucija and feel her absence, but at least I’m glad that we will meet in our free time. Talking about my volunteering job, I have started my project on the garden, and I have planted some flowers that I hope will grow. Sometimes, I also help a girl with Maths and there was a week in which we went to Gimnazija to talk about ESC.

Besides, Alberto organised the second “basketball volunteams” event in which my team lost against the other, who was led by Ana from Málaga -a volunteer from last year-. It was cool to play basketball after a long time, as well as the rest of the day that we spent eating pizzas and drinking beers in Mandrač. Now that Alberto is about finishing his volunteer, we’ve been doing other activities like singing in a Karaoke in CMK or participate in a pub quiz in which we won the silver medal.

Last but not least, it’s time to end this post with my second failed goal… I took a bath in the sea in January, but not in February. Probably Varja is happy because I didn’t catch a cold, and at least she didn’t have to tell me off for anything. Regardless, a few people agree that I made it because I swam in the snow, so I deserve a second chance…